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How to Choose the Right Name and Tagline for Your Startup

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Choosing the right name and tagline is crucial for the success of your startup. Your name and tagline represent your brand, and they need to be memorable, meaningful, and reflective of your business. However, coming up with the perfect name and tagline can be a challenging task. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right name and tagline for your startup.

“Taglines are slogans that are used to convey the most important benefit of a product or service. It is a short statement that is used to sum up the brand's promise to its customers.” - David Ogilvy

Right Name and Tagline for Your Startup
Right Name and Tagline for Your Startup

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is the first and one of the most important steps in choosing the right name and tagline for your startup. It involves generating a large number of ideas and concepts that are relevant to your business. The goal is to come up with a list of potential names and taglines that you can then evaluate and refine.

To start brainstorming, you can gather a team of people who are familiar with your business and its values. You can also consider including individuals from different departments or areas of expertise to gain a wider perspective.

Once you have your team in place, set a clear goal for your brainstorming session. This will help guide the ideas generated towards a specific direction. For example, you can set a goal to come up with names and taglines that reflect your business’s mission statement or unique selling proposition.

When brainstorming, it’s important to encourage all team members to contribute freely and without judgment. All ideas should be welcomed and recorded, even if they seem far-fetched or unrelated. It’s also helpful to use a variety of brainstorming techniques such as mind mapping, word association, and role-playing to stimulate creativity and generate more ideas.

After you’ve gathered a significant number of ideas, it’s time to evaluate and refine them to identify the most suitable options for your startup’s name and tagline.


Let’s say you’re starting a new restaurant that specializes in healthy and organic food. During your brainstorming session, your team generates ideas such as “Green Kitchen”, “Healthy Bites”, “Organic Oasis”, and “Clean Eats”. All of these ideas reflect your restaurant’s mission of providing nutritious and sustainable meals.

You can then evaluate each idea based on factors such as availability of domain names, trademark registration, and potential audience appeal. From this evaluation, you might decide to refine the list to include options such as “Green Kitchen” and “Clean Eats”, which have available domain names and are easy to remember and pronounce.

Step 2: Check Availability

After brainstorming and shortlisting a few potential names and taglines for your startup, the next step is to check their availability. This means making sure that the name and tagline are not already taken or trademarked by another company.

There are several ways to check the availability of a name and tagline. One of the most important things you can do is to conduct a trademark search. This will help you to identify any existing trademarks that might conflict with your proposed name or tagline.

In addition to checking for trademarks, you should also conduct a thorough search on popular search engines like Google to see if any other companies or websites are using the same or a similar name or tagline. You should also check the availability of domain names, social media handles, and other online accounts that you might need to use for your startup.

It's important to ensure that your chosen name and tagline are unique and distinctive enough to set your startup apart from competitors. If you find that your preferred name or tagline is already in use, you may need to go back to the drawing board and come up with some new ideas.

Step 3: Test Your Name and Tagline

After you've narrowed down your list of potential names and taglines, it's time to test them out to see how they resonate with your target audience. This step will help you determine which names and taglines are the most memorable, engaging, and effective.

There are a few ways to test your names and taglines:

  1. Survey your target audience: Reach out to your potential customers, partners, or investors and ask for their feedback on your name and tagline ideas. You can use online survey tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to create a questionnaire and collect responses.

  2. Run A/B tests: A/B testing involves testing two different versions of your name or tagline to see which one performs better. You can run A/B tests using online advertising platforms like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

  3. Get feedback from experts: Reach out to branding or marketing experts and ask for their professional opinion on your name and tagline ideas. They may be able to offer valuable insights and suggestions based on their experience and expertise.

Example: Coca-Cola's tagline "Taste the Feeling" was tested with focus groups to ensure it resonated with consumers.

Remember, the goal of testing your name and tagline is to choose the most effective one that resonates with your target audience and accurately reflects your brand's identity and values. Don't be afraid to make changes and iterate until you find the perfect name and tagline for your startup.

Step 4: Keep it Simple and Memorable

When it comes to naming your startup, simplicity and memorability are key. A simple and memorable name and tagline will make it easier for customers to remember and talk about your business, increasing your brand recognition and word-of-mouth marketing.

To keep it simple, avoid long or complicated names or taglines that are difficult to spell or pronounce. Consider using common words or phrases that are easy to remember and relate to your business.

For example, the popular ride-sharing company Uber has a simple and memorable name that is easy to remember and relate to the service they offer.

In addition to simplicity, it's important to make your name and tagline memorable. A memorable name and tagline will help your business stand out in a crowded market and make a lasting impression on customers. To achieve this, consider using creative and catchy phrases or wordplay.

For example, the brand name and tagline of Dollar Shave Club, "Shave Time. Shave Money." is both simple and memorable.

It's also worth noting that a simple and memorable name and tagline can help you in branding and marketing efforts. A strong brand name and tagline can be used in your logo design, website, social media, and other marketing materials, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember your brand.

Overall, when choosing a name and tagline for your startup, remember to keep it simple, memorable, and relevant to your business.

Step 5: Reflect Your Brand Identity

Once you have shortlisted some potential names and taglines, it’s time to analyze which one best reflects your brand identity. Your brand identity includes your company’s vision, mission, values, personality, and overall image.

To reflect your brand identity in your name and tagline, consider the following:

  1. Tone and voice: Think about the tone and voice you want to use in your communication with customers. Is it casual, formal, humorous, or serious? Your name and tagline should reflect the same tone and voice.

  2. Personality: Consider the personality traits that define your brand. Are you innovative, creative, reliable, or trustworthy? Your name and tagline should convey these traits.

  3. Industry and market: Your name and tagline should also reflect the industry you are in and the market you serve. For example, if you are in the healthcare industry, your name and tagline should reflect professionalism and care.

  4. Unique selling proposition: Your name and tagline should also reflect your unique selling proposition (USP). What sets you apart from your competitors? Your name and tagline should communicate this.

For example, the brand identity of a company selling eco-friendly and sustainable products would be reflected in their name and tagline. They may choose a name that includes words like “green,” “eco,” or “sustainable,” and a tagline that emphasizes their commitment to the environment.

Overall, your name and tagline should reflect your brand identity and communicate the right message to your target audience. It should be able to convey your brand personality, industry, market, and unique selling proposition in a simple and memorable way.


In conclusion, choosing the right name and tagline is a critical aspect of building your startup's brand identity. It takes time, effort, and creativity to come up with a memorable and meaningful name and tagline that resonates with your target audience. By following the steps outlined in this blog and considering the examples provided, you can create a name and tagline that accurately reflects your brand identity and sets you up for success. Remember to keep it simple, memorable, and reflective of your brand identity.

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