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ZS Recognized as Top 10 Best Company for Women in India for Third Consecutive Year

The Busy Brains

20 Sept 2023

ZS earns the ‘Exemplar of Inclusion’ title in Avtar & Seramount’s 2023 study, highlighting the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and creating an inclusive workplace.

For the third consecutive year, global management consulting and technology firm ZS has been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India" in the 2023 edition of the study conducted by Avtar & Seramount. ZS has been acknowledged as an "Exemplar of Inclusion" in this study, recognizing the company's commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace encompassing various aspects of diversity, including gender, disability, LGBTQ+ communities, generations, and regional backgrounds.

The study evaluated 354 companies across different industries and locations. To participate, companies needed a minimum of 500 employees in India and had to provide comprehensive data on their gender inclusion policies, programs, and practices. The study revealed a significant increase in gender diversity, with women constituting an average of 36.9% of the workforce among the top 100 companies, a substantial rise from 25% in 2016. Among the top 10 companies, including ZS, there was an impressive 41.7% representation of women in 2023, indicating progress toward achieving gender balance by 2030.

Mohit Sood, the regional managing principal at ZS, said, “It is a feeling of immense gratitude and honor to be recognized as one of the 2023 Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India for the third consecutive year. It is reassuring to know that we are making progress in the right direction as we grow and diversify our workforce. ZS continues to center equity in its efforts and policies to build more expansive inclusion and diversity. We want to make sure all ZSers experience a deep sense of belonging so that they feel heard and respected and are empowered to thrive.”

ZS emphasizes the importance of acknowledging both visible and invisible aspects of individual identities, experiences, and beliefs, which contribute to the diverse cultural fabric of the organization. The company aligns its initiatives and policies with core values centered on treating people with respect, pursuing excellence, and upholding integrity.

Established in 1983, ZS leverages advanced analytics, data science, and products to assist clients in making informed decisions and delivering innovative solutions, with a particular focus on improving outcomes in the healthcare sector on a global scale.

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