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Twitter Launches 'Twitter API Pro' to Empower Startups: Enhanced Features at $5,000/Month

The Busy Brains

27 May 2023

Twitter introduces 'Twitter API Pro,' a premium tier tailored for startups, offering enhanced functionalities for developers at $5,000/month. Discover the benefits, including increased tweet limits and comprehensive archive search, as Twitter aims to support startup growth.

Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, has introduced a new tier called 'Twitter API Pro' specifically designed for startups. This upgraded Application Programming Interface (API) service offers a range of enhanced functionalities to developers at a monthly price of $5,000.

Startups utilizing Twitter API Pro can now enjoy a variety of benefits. They have the capability to fetch approximately one million tweets per month, post up to 300,000 tweets per month, and gain access to the comprehensive archive search endpoint. These powerful features are strategically designed to assist startups in experimenting, building, and scaling their businesses effectively.

The announcement was made through Twitter's official developer account, Twitter Dev, urging developers to take advantage of the new access tier. They emphasized the real-time filtered/stream and full archive search endpoints, highlighting the potential for business growth.

The news generated mixed reactions from Twitter users. Some expressed concerns about the pricing, suggesting that $5,000 per month might be unaffordable for most startups. There were suggestions for lower-priced plans to cater to a broader range of users.

Despite the mixed response, Twitter is continuing to expand its paid API platform. In March, they introduced various access tiers, including a 'free' tier for content posting bots, a 'basic' tier priced at $100 per month, and an 'enterprise' tier for high-end requirements.

The introduction of 'Twitter API Pro' demonstrates Twitter's commitment to providing startups with valuable resources. However, pricing and trust among developers remain significant considerations. As the platform evolves, it will be intriguing to see how these developments shape the relationship between Twitter and the developer community.

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