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Tamil Nadu Launches ‘Startup Thamizha,’ a Reality Show for Startups

The Busy Brains

14 Sept 2023

The Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Mission (StartupTN) has introduced ‘Startup Thamizha,’ a unique startup reality show aimed at bridging the gap between startups and investors and increasing awareness of startups in the state.

The Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Mission (StartupTN) has launched 'Startup Thamizha,' a groundbreaking startup reality show. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between startups and investors while fostering awareness about startups in Tamil Nadu. Startup Thamizha will provide a platform for startups to pitch their innovations to global investors, potentially securing funding. The primary goal is to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs by showcasing the challenges and opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Sivarajah Ramanathan, the Mission Director and CEO, emphasized that many young individuals in Tamil Nadu have entrepreneurial aspirations but lack awareness, mentorship, and access to investment opportunities. Startup Thamizha is designed to address these issues by highlighting how entrepreneurs with innovative and scalable ideas can overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

Ramanathan also noted that reality shows on Tamil television have been successful in engaging a diverse audience and inspiring individuals of all ages. Startup Thamizha seeks to create a cultural shift, encouraging innovators to become employers and take calculated risks without fearing failure.

This reality show is expected to shed light on new investment opportunities and provide valuable insights into the startup landscape. More details about the show will be available on the official StartupTN website:

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