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Physics Wallah's EdTech Unicorn to Invest Rs 120 Crore in PW Skills for Competitive Upskilling Courses

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27 May 2023

Physics Wallah, a profitable edtech unicorn, plans to invest Rs 120 crore in PW Skills over the next two to three years, offering affordable upskilling courses. Discover their commitment to bridging accessibility gaps and providing quality content taught by industry professionals in vernacular languages.

Physics Wallah, a profitable edtech unicorn founded by Alakh Pandey, has announced its investment of Rs 120 crore in PW Skills to provide competitive and affordable upskilling courses. This move comes after the company's previous plan to invest Rs 100 crore in strengthening its UPSC offerings.

Prateek Maheshwari, Co-Founder of PW, expressed their vision to address the issues of inaccessibility, high pricing, lack of practical training, and teaching of basics in tech and upskilling courses. PW Skills aims to bridge these gaps by investing Rs 120 crore in the next 2-3 years. They are committed to offering quality content taught by industry professionals from the basics, all at competitive prices.

Physics Wallah boasts over 1.5 lakh registered learners who are enrolled in courses offered in Hindi, English, and "Hinglish." Among them, 50,000 learners have enrolled in paid batches, while the remaining benefit from free courses. The statement reveals that around 30,000 learners are from the Hindi heartland, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and other states.

While there are already numerous edtech firms offering skill-based courses, Physics Wallah aims to stand out by providing competitive pricing through PW Skills. The platform offers hybrid courses in data science, Java, C++, full-stack web development, and other tech courses, starting from Rs 3,500. They also plan to expand into joint certification courses with colleges, diploma courses, and technology courses in vernacular languages.

Sudhanshu Kumar, CEO of PW Skills, shared their plans to strengthen India's talent pipeline by exploring blockchain, cybersecurity, and AR/VR-focused courses. Their goal is to prepare 10 lakh skilled tech professionals within the next three years.

PW Skills provides a comprehensive ecosystem, including the PW Virtual Lab, Experience Portal, Job portal, and online community. The PW Virtual Lab offers necessary hardware through the cloud, enabling learners with basic PCs and internet connections to participate in software development and programming courses without expensive hardware. The Experience Portal allows learners to work on end-to-end projects, facilitating development tracking and peer-to-peer collaboration, along with providing an internship experience letter.

Additionally, PW Skills offers placement assistance through its exclusive job portal, partnering with over 250 companies such as Tata IQ, Siemens, Leadsquared, SAP, Oracle, KPMG, and Amazon, to offer job opportunities to learners.

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