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Mykare Health Raises $2.01 Million in Seed Funding to Enhance Patient Experience

The Busy Brains

16 Jun 2023

Healthtech startup Mykare Health secures $2.01 million in seed funding from prominent investors, aiming to improve the patient experience and strengthen talent acquisition. Discover how Mykare Health plans to revolutionize healthcare by building an affordable and standardized hospital network, empowering patients and small to mid-sized hospitals.

Mykare Health, a healthtech startup, has successfully raised $2.01 million in a seed funding round, led by OnDeck ODX – US, Avaana Seed, Huddle, Endurance Capital, F Health, VeritasX, Stanford Angels, and Phoenix Angels. The funding round also witnessed participation from industry veterans such as Ajit Mohan, Nitish Mittersain, Hari TN, and Arjun Vaidya, among others.

The raised capital will be utilized by Mykare Health to enhance the overall patient experience and expand talent acquisition efforts. Founded in 2021 by Senu Sam, Rahmatulla TM, and Joash Philipose, the startup aims to establish an asset-light, affordable, and standardized hospital network that caters specifically to India's middle-class segment, ensuring a high-quality healthcare experience.

Mykare Health operates through an integrated ecosystem that empowers patients and their families at every step of their healthcare journey. The startup assists in selecting suitable healthcare facilities with transparent pricing, managing paperwork and insurance coordination, providing transportation services, facilitating communication with doctors, and offering post-care support. By focusing on these crucial aspects, Mykare Health aims to serve the common middle-class population in India and beyond, providing a seamless and affordable healthcare experience.

Senu Sam, CEO and co-founder of Mykare Health, stated, "Our commitment is to serve every common, middle-class person in India and abroad, offering affordable and quality care with a seamless experience. Furthermore, we aim to empower small and mid-sized hospitals by enhancing their visibility and trust, ultimately contributing to a more balanced patient-to-hospital ratio in India."

The vision of Mykare Health to standardize and optimize the existing healthcare infrastructure is seen as transformative by investors. The startup's purpose-driven approach for the middle-income segment and smaller hospitals holds immense growth potential. By prioritizing quality, accessibility, and transparency, Mykare Health aims to revolutionize healthcare not only within India but also on a global scale.

Sail Sachar, founding partner at Huddle, expressed confidence in Mykare Health's mission, stating, "By prioritizing quality, accessibility, and transparency, Mykare Health is not only poised to penetrate the length and breadth of India but also make an impact on a global level." With its focus on empowering patients and small to mid-sized hospitals, Mykare Health strives to create a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

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