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Meesho Unveils Captivating Brand Identity to Champion Inclusivity and Equality

The Busy Brains

10 Jun 2023

Explore the significance of the vibrant 'Jamuni' and 'Aam' hues in the redesigned logo, reflecting Meesho's commitment to inclusivity. Learn how this strategic rebranding aims to solidify Meesho's position as a comprehensive platform for Indian shoppers and its vision to make e-commerce accessible to all consumers.

Meesho, a leading e-commerce player backed by Softbank, has recently undergone a brand transformation, unveiling a captivating new brand identity that signifies its dedication to inclusivity and equality. The redesigned logo features a mesmerizing blend of 'Jamuni' and 'Aam' colors, representing the vibrant and diverse culture of India.

The colors hold deep meaning for Meesho. Jamuni embodies aspirations, while Aam symbolizes warmth and invitation. This rebranding initiative showcases Meesho's commitment to being an inclusive and egalitarian e-commerce platform, as emphasized by Vidit Aatrey, the visionary Founder and CEO.

Aatrey expresses his excitement about the refreshed brand identity, emphasizing the profound impact of the new color palette and sonic identity on Meesho's current and future brand recognition. With this strategic rebranding, Meesho aims to strengthen its position as a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse everyday needs of Indian shoppers.

Recognizing the immense potential for e-commerce adoption in India, Aatrey envisions the next phase of growth to rely on making e-commerce accessible to all consumers. Meesho strives to become the preferred e-commerce platform for the next billion consumers in India, solidifying its position through this brand overhaul.

Furthermore, Meesho plans to launch a captivating sonic identity available in multiple languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia.

This brand refresh aligns with Meesho's current growth trajectory and expansive scale, propelling the platform forward in 2023 and beyond. As Meesho continues to evolve, its captivating new brand identity represents its commitment to inclusivity, equality, and delivering a seamless e-commerce experience for all.

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