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Manastu Space Secures $3 Million in Pre-Series A Funding for Innovative Space Debris Solution

The Busy Brains

6 Sept 2023

Mumbai’s Spacetech Startup Focuses on Green Propulsion Systems

Manastu Space, a Mumbai-based spacetech startup, has successfully raised $3 million in a Pre-Series A funding round led by prominent investors, including Capital 2B, BIG Capital, and E2MC. This funding round aims to bolster the development and deployment of the company's innovative propulsion systems for satellites while addressing the critical issue of space debris.

Founded in 2017 by Tushar Jadhav and Ashtesh Kumar, Manastu Space has gained recognition for its expertise in creating propulsion systems specifically designed for satellites. What sets these systems apart is their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With the freshly acquired capital, Manastu Space plans to expedite the deployment of its revolutionary green propulsion system and an advanced debris collision avoidance technology. Moreover, these funds will play a crucial role in facilitating the final-stage testing of the propulsion system in orbit.

The green propulsion system developed by Manastu Space is characterized by its focus on agility, safety, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability. It incorporates a unique blend of fuel, engine, and catalyst to effectively combat the escalating threat of space debris and space pollution.

Commenting on the idea to develop a sustainable propulsion system, cofounder Kumar said, “We are developing an agile green propulsion system for satellites to manoeuvre them more easily in space and save them from debris collision. This is a must-have solution to assure current (and growing) needs of space sustainability.”

Ashtesh Kumar, co-founder of Manastu Space, emphasized the ever-growing danger posed by space debris, citing approximately 160 million fragments hurtling through space at high velocities. This accumulation of debris not only increases the risk of collisions but also makes it increasingly challenging to place satellites safely into their designated orbits.

Manastu Space's unwavering commitment to pioneering sustainable propulsion solutions and addressing the critical challenge of space debris underscores its significance in the evolving spacetech landscape. This substantial funding round empowers the startup to continue its mission of creating a more sustainable and secure space environment.

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