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HighXP Raises $2.2 Million in Seed Funding to Expand Social Casual Game Development

The Busy Brains

16 Jun 2023

Bengaluru-based startup HighXP secures $2.2 million in seed funding to accelerate the growth of its social casual game, Doodle Me. Discover how seasoned industry veterans at HighXP aim to captivate global players with their fun and engaging game offerings.

The infusion of funds will be instrumental in driving the growth of HighXP's debut game, Doodle Me. Designed for players aged 5 and above, Doodle Me is a social drawing and guessing game. Currently available for free download on the Google Play store and Apple App Store, the game has garnered positive user feedback.

Founded in 2021 by industry veterans Shankara Seethappa and Raghu Sankar, HighXP brings together their extensive experience in game development at renowned companies such as Zynga, Microsoft, and Big Viking Games. The startup focuses on creating entertaining and immersive social-casual games that cater to a global audience.

Shankara Seethappa, CEO of HighXP, expressed excitement about the funding, stating,

"We are thrilled to receive this investment, which will enable us to continue developing engaging and fun games for our players. With this funding, we look forward to expanding our team and launching new games that will captivate players around the world."

Sonal Saldanha, VP of Investments at 3one4 Capital, highlighted the tremendous gaming talent in India and the potential of HighXP's mobile games. Shripati Acharya, Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the founders' expertise and the promising nature of HighXP's social-casual games.

Raghu Sankar, CPTO and Co-founder of HighXP, shared his passion for the gaming industry and the company's commitment to leveraging their expertise. The funding will play a crucial role in accelerating HighXP's growth and expanding its game portfolio. The startup aims to deliver enjoyable and captivating social-casual games that resonate with players globally.

Shripati Acharya, Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners, expressed confidence in HighXP's potential to become a major player in the gaming industry. The founders' extensive experience and successful track record in game development inspire confidence in the company's ability to captivate the global gaming community. HighXP's focus on building social-casual games aligns perfectly with the increasing demand for interactive and engaging gaming experiences.

With the recent funding round, HighXP is poised to make significant strides in the gaming industry, delivering innovative and entertaining games that will captivate players worldwide.

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