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Gruhas and Collective Artists Network Join Forces to Invest in Consumer Startups

The Busy Brains

9 Jul 2023

Gruhas and Collective Artists Network have partnered to invest in a fund supporting young entrepreneurs and startups in the consumer industry. Learn how this collaboration between venture capital and media firms aims to empower aspiring business leaders.

Gruhas, founded by Abhijeet Pai (Puzzolana) and Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha), along with Collective Artists Network, led by Vijay Subramaniam, have joined hands to invest in a fund that will provide assistance and empowerment to young business people and startups in the consumer sector.

The collaboration aims to invest up to $1 million per agreement in a minimum of 10 businesses, with a specific focus on consumer-facing brands and products.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in India's entrepreneurial landscape, bringing together venture capital and media firms for the first time. By leveraging their networks and resources, Gruhas and the Collective Artists Network aim to offer a unique platform for aspiring young leaders to showcase their original ideas.

Gruhas specializes in early-stage, venture-stage, and debt investments in sectors such as PropTech, CleanTech, Media & Entertainment, and consumer-focused spaces. The VC firm's portfolio includes successful startups like Licious, Ossus Biorenewables, Hatti Kaapi, Buyofuel, Zapkey, and Zerund.

Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha, is a highly accomplished investor and entrepreneur in India, while Abhijeet Pai is a second-generation industrialist, new-age investor, and entrepreneur who has backed over 25 startups and three funds since 2014.

Collective Artists Network is a comprehensive talent management powerhouse, providing access to India's leading talent across various categories. Led by Vijay Subramaniam, it serves as India's only marketplace for popular culture and an integrated creative community.

Through its extensive network and resources, the media firm has played a vital role in nurturing India's largest celebrity and creator economy, amplifying the voices of talent across the country. The company exclusively represents a diverse portfolio of talent spanning actors, writers, sportspersons, directors, producers, singers, composers, comedians, digital stars, authors, and more.

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