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Google Launches GNI Indian Languages Program to Support Local News Publishers in India

The Busy Brains

17 Jun 2023

Google has introduced the Google News Initiative (GNI) Indian Languages Program, aiming to assist small and medium-sized news organizations in India. Discover how this initiative provides training, technical support, and funding to improve publishers' digital operations and user experience.

Google has unveiled an important initiative to aid local news publishers in India in enhancing their digital operations and expanding their readership. The Google News Initiative (GNI) Indian Languages Program aims to support small and medium-sized news organizations by enabling them to produce original news content in nine languages.

The program, offered by Google, will provide eligible publishers with comprehensive training, technical support, and funding opportunities. By doing so, Google intends to empower publishers by equipping them with effective tools and industry best practices to enhance user experience and generate more revenue on the web. The program encompasses virtual workshops and inspiration series covering topics such as website optimization, Core Web Vitals, News Consumer Insights (NCI), and YouTube.

As part of the initiative, selected publishers will undergo a thorough diagnostic process to evaluate their website performance, including metrics like page speed and core web vitals. Some publishers will receive dedicated consultations and technical support tailored to improving their user experience.

Applications for the GNI Indian Languages Program are open until June 30, 2023. To be eligible, news organizations must be small or medium-sized Indian language publishers with an operational website, a minimum of 12 months of continuous operation, and at least 50 full-time employees. The applications will be carefully reviewed by the Google Project team and external advisors.

Google's introduction of this initiative comes amidst challenges faced by the company in India, including crackdowns on fake news and competition concerns. By launching the GNI Indian Languages Program, Google aims to strengthen its relationships with the Indian government and demonstrate its commitment to supporting the local news ecosystem.

It's important to note that Google is currently under investigation for alleged market dominance in the news aggregation sector. Multiple prominent media organizations have filed complaints with the Competition Commission of India (CCI), prompting increased scrutiny.

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