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Edtech Startup Scaler Acquires Pepcoding to Strengthen Business Ecosystem

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31 May 2023

Scaler, the leading edtech startup, has acquired Delhi-based education platform Pepcoding in a strategic move to enhance its business operations. This acquisition is expected to drive growth across various units and improve the learner experience. Scaler's impressive portfolio includes previous acquisitions of AppliedRoots, Coding Minutes, and Coding Elements.

Scaler, the renowned edtech startup, has recently announced its acquisition of Pepcoding, an education platform based in Delhi. This strategic move aims to fortify Scaler's business ecosystem and enhance its operations, as stated in the company's official statement.

By integrating Pepcoding into its framework, Scaler expects to accelerate growth and provide robust support to key business units, including strategy, product design, B2B enterprise, and operations. This acquisition aligns with Scaler's commitment to delivering a comprehensive and top-notch learning experience to its users.

This marks Scaler's fourth acquisition, following its successful acquisitions of AppliedRoots, Coding Minutes, and Coding Elements over the past two years. Each acquisition has played a pivotal role in expanding Scaler's reach and diversifying its offerings.

As part of the acquisition, Sumeet Malik, co-founder of Pepcoding, has joined Scaler as an instructor and content creator. With his expertise, Scaler aims to enhance the learner experience, particularly in the area of low-level design (LLD) curriculum. Additionally, several other talented individuals from Pepcoding have joined Scaler as full-time employees, contributing their skills and knowledge across various teams.

"Sumeet's team has demonstrated a unique ability to stay true to its core ability to transform the learning experiences of young engineering students. Their experience with undergraduate students will come in handy to our recently launched residential undergraduate programme, the Scaler School of Technology. Their diverse talent pool and Sumeet's extensive industry expertise will help accelerate the pace we are working towards achieving our vision and mission," said Abhimanyu Saxena, cofounder of Scaler.

Scaler's impressive growth has attracted support from prominent global investors such as Sequoia Capital India, Tiger Global, and Lightrock India. This backing has provided Scaler with the resources and opportunities to expand its footprint not only in India but also in the United States.

"Like Scaler, we are excessively focused towards the success of our students and firmly believe the nation has enough raw talent to one day build products and companies that will dominate the world, similar to what organisations like Google, Microsoft and Uber have done. All they need is the appropriate direction and access to opportunities," said Malik

With the acquisition of Pepcoding, Scaler reinforces its position as a leading player in the edtech industry, leveraging strategic partnerships and acquisitions to offer a comprehensive and dynamic learning ecosystem. As Scaler continues to evolve and innovate, learners can expect even greater opportunities for skill development and advancement in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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