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CoinDCX Launches Okto: A Secure DeFi Wallet App for Easy Token Swaps and High Earning Opportunities

The Busy Brains

26 May 2023

With Okto, users can easily swap thousands of tokens, earn passive income, and enjoy boosted annual percentage yields (APYs) on selected assets. Discover how this user-centric wallet enhances convenience, security, and earning potential in the world of decentralized finance.

CoinDCX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled Okto, a decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet app designed to simplify and secure access to DeFi services. This innovative app empowers users to swap a diverse range of tokens and leverage vetted DeFi opportunities, all while ensuring a nearly 100% transaction success rate.

Okto offers a seamless user experience by abstracting the complexities of DeFi through its cross-chain algorithms. Users can conveniently pay gas fees in any token, streamlining transactions and maximizing efficiency.

An outstanding feature of Okto is its earn functionality, enabling users to generate returns on their existing tokens through liquidity pool participation and staking. This functionality unlocks a passive income stream for users seeking to grow their holdings.

The app's swap feature facilitates seamless trading between different tokens, boasting a user-centric design for enhanced usability. Moreover, Okto presents boosted annual percentage yields (APYs) on selected assets, creating lucrative earning opportunities for users.

CoinDCX prioritizes the security of self-custodial DeFi wallets and has implemented an AI-based multi-factor authentication system for Okto. This advanced security measure eliminates the need to safeguard seed phrases, providing users with full control over their funds. Additionally, consensus-driven multi-party computation (MPC) technology mitigates the risk of a single point of failure by ensuring that private keys used to access and control funds remain secure at all times.

Okto supports multiple protocols and seamlessly integrates with Web3 chains such as Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche, as well as protocols like Stader and WooFi. The app's user interface is designed to enable even novice users to explore various opportunities across pools within a single app. This user-friendly approach positions Okto as a powerful tool for navigating the decentralized finance landscape.

Gaurav Arora, Senior Vice-President of DeFi Initiatives at CoinDCX, revealed that the company has already integrated six protocols and plans to reach 100 integrations within the next four to six weeks. Regardless of the underlying protocol, users can enjoy a consistent interface on the mobile app. With seamless access to a wide range of tokens across multiple chains, users can effortlessly trade, pay gas fees in any token, and execute transactions with utmost convenience and efficiency.

In summary, Okto emerges as a game-changing solution within the DeFi realm, offering users a simplified and secure gateway to a diverse array of tokens and vetted DeFi opportunities. Its user-centric design, coupled with boosted APYs, makes Okto an attractive choice for both novice and experienced users seeking to maximize their engagement in the world of decentralized finance.

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