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Advance bookings for iPhone 15 series beats its older version by 25%

The Busy Brains

18 Sept 2023

The base iPhone 15 and the premium iPhone 15 Pro Max, priced between Rs 1,59,900 and 1,99,900, have gained particular popularity.

Apple's high-end iPhone 15 series has made a strong debut in India, surpassing advance bookings for the previous model by nearly 25% since its launch on September 15, according to a newspaper report.

The base iPhone 15 and the premium iPhone 15 Pro Max, priced between Rs 1,59,900 and 1,99,900, have gained particular popularity. Apple is poised to release the iPhone 15 series with a record-breaking initial stock in India, estimated to be between 270,000 and 300,000 units. This marks a significant increase, doubling the stock compared to the iPhone 14 series launch, as reported by the Economic Times, citing top retailer executives.

Retailers in India have witnessed a surge in pre-bookings for the iPhone 15 series, indicative of strong demand and consumer enthusiasm for Apple's smartphones. Some retailers began accepting pre-bookings immediately after the product unveiling, underscoring the high level of interest. However, due to confidentiality agreements and strict instructions from Apple, retailers have chosen to remain anonymous and refrain from commenting publicly on Apple's business.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is experiencing notable delays in India, with certain models showing delivery delays of over a month from Apple's official online store. Delivery dates vary based on color and memory options, with some models available from October 14 and others from November 2. This availability delay is not unique to India, as global reports indicate a shortage of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in multiple markets.

In contrast, other models like the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, and 15 Pro also have delayed delivery dates for online orders but are generally available for pick-up on September 22 from

Apple's own stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

Apple is scheduled to commercially launch the iPhone 15 series in approximately 40 countries, including India, on September 22.

“For other models, ample stock will be provided to large multi-brand stores and Apple exclusive outlets but going by the pre-booking craze there might still be some shortages for specific models and colours,” the financial daily quoted an executive as saying.

The head of a major national retail chain has emphasized that since Diwali falls later this year in November, Apple is expected to witness a robust launch for the iPhone 15 series.

“Also, this year all the four models are getting launched on the same date unlike earlier when there was a phased launch. So, pre-booking demand will be more,” he told the daily.

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