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Adda247 Acquires Veeksha to Enhance Learning Experience with Interactive Modules

The Busy Brains

20 Jun 2023

Adda247, a leading online education platform, acquires Veeksha to integrate immersive 3D content and improve visualizations, benefiting K12 and JEE/NEET aspirants. Discover how this strategic move strengthens Adda247's position and expands its offerings in the education sector.

Adda247, a prominent online education platform with the support of Google, has recently completed an undisclosed acquisition of Veeksha. This strategic move aims to elevate the learning experience for Adda247's students by providing them with interactive modules that offer enhanced visualizations and in-depth understanding.

By integrating Veeksha into Adda247, the two companies join forces to pursue a shared vision. This merger significantly bolsters Adda247's ability to cater to K12 and JEE/NEET aspirants by offering the latest experiential learning tools, including 3D, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

Veeksha, founded in 2021 by Gaurishankar Singh, Hariprasad Bommidi, and Miral Songhela, specializes in developing immersive 3D content for Mathematics and Science subjects. Their educational materials are designed to cater to modern learners who prefer digital platforms, benefiting both teachers and students with cross-platform, immersive learning modules.

On the other hand, Adda247 is a renowned online education provider, serving over 50 million users on its platforms each month. The platform offers a comprehensive range of courses for more than 500 exams, including government job exams, UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET, CUET, and many others. Adda247's offerings encompass various learning solutions, such as online live classes, on-demand video courses, mock tests, and e-books.

This recent acquisition follows Adda247's previous acquisition of StudyIQ Education, an ed-tech platform focused on UPSC exam preparation, in 2021.

Under the leadership of Anil Nagar, Adda247 successfully raised $35 million in October 2022 through investments from notable entities like Google, WestBridge Capital, Infoedge, and Asha Impact. This significant development was first reported by Entrackr.

Adda247's consistent efforts to expand its educational offerings through strategic acquisitions and partnerships underscore its commitment to providing high-quality learning resources across various disciplines. By leveraging Veeksha's expertise and immersive content, Adda247 aims to revolutionize the educational experience and empower learners with advanced visual learning tools.

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